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In 1998, the name Adnaw Publishing was licensed with ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers), and several music titles were added to a growing number of songs published by singer, songwriter, and author Wanda Obermeier. Many years were spent promoting bands and solo artists in venues throughout central Wisconsin, learning the business of booking and marketing, and establishing a network of like-minded people who traveled across the United States selling their artistry in music, books, TV, and film. (In case you're wondering, Adnaw is Wanda spelled backward).       

Writing always had a natural flow; whether it was titles in a hook book or a fully scored out song, Wanda was always writing something. Her music catalog has more than 300 songs, and her short stories and mini-novellas are yet to be published. In 2006, she penned her first children's book, Mama Bird Papa Bird, and like an egg that is incubated, her ideas just sat around until one day in 2012 when she was introduced to an artist who always dreamed of illustrating a children's book. Thus began the collaboration of ideas to create a storyboard that grew into a full-color children's book.

The illustrator, Faith Thomas, is a wife, mother, and business owner who has the creative genius of Walt Disney. Rather than saying it was a coincidence that brought the author and illustrator together, it was a planned incident by the Creator of life itself. Truly another miracle happened when these two women started to collaborate, Mama Bird Papa Bird seemed to come alive, almost like an animation 14 spreads; like a classic tale, the story begins "Once upon a time..."

Her second book entitled, Obey Right Away, provides a lesson on the importance of obeying your parents. Her third title, Tell the Truth, has a release date of November 3rd, 2023, published by Trilogy and televised on TBN streaming on the Yippee Channel for kids.

Wanda Obermeier was born in Milwaukee in 1962, where her parents, Kenneth and Pauline Vernon, raised fourteen children. In 1980, she graduated from Messmer Catholic High School, and in 1984, she received a Bachelor's degree in Spanish and English as a Second Language from UW-Stevens Point. In 1996, she earned a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership at Marian University in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. She has twenty years of experience in teaching and administration. Obermeier also worked for ten years as the State Coordinator for Nacel Cultural Exchanges, headquartered in Tours, France, placing over 3,000 European students throughout the state of Wisconsin with host families. Prior to publishing her book, Wanda spent one year translating English to Spanish at Northcentral Technical Institute for the International SEED Program, commending 21 of her students at graduation in 2014. 

Wanda's hobbies include traveling, playing piano, singing, sewing, and crocheting. She has been married since 1982 and has one son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. She and her husband, Dale, reside in Georgia.

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Mama Bird Papa Bird

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