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Teena found her purpose the day she decided to read every book in her junior high school library. There is one reason she read David Wilkerson’s The Cross and the Switchblade. It was next in line. His book is the only witness she received about God before she accepted salvation three years later.

She started writing when a single mother of two attended her Sunday school class and decided her homeland of Honduras needed to hear Teena’s teachings. The single mother's quest to translate Teena’s lessons into Spanish and put them on the radio in her homeland is the reason Teena stopped teaching from an outline and wrote down everything she planned to say. The young mother never accomplished her purpose, but God accomplished his because Teena never stopped writing.

She was a reluctant writer for a long time. Every minor bump in the road gave her a reason to toss her manuscript in the closet and forget about writing. It had been collecting dust for months when a friend, who did not know Teena had written a manuscript, sat next to her in church,  dropped an offering envelope in her lap, and said, “This is for your writing ministry.” Teena refused the money, but her friend insisted until she relented.

For over a decade, she acted like Israel in the wilderness, mumbling and complaining as she inched closer to God’s purpose. She dismissed comments from her students and friends that she should be published. "Only a professional would know if she had a talent for writing." Then she made the acquaintance of Bruce Barbour, who graciously allowed her to write an article about him for her faith blog. Several years later, Bruce told her that he showed that article to his father William Barbour, Jr. before he died. His father was president of Revell Publishing when it was the largest Christian publishing house in the world, and he thought the article she wrote about his son was great. God stopped her mumbling, complaining, and belief that she was not a writer with the words of professionals. The same professionals who published The Cross and the Switchblade.

Teena Myers, BTH is the Chair of Southern Christian Writers and co-hosts Pursue Your Passion with her husband Rory, which airs on Christian Mix 106 Mondays at 9:30 PM Central Time. She wrote NOLA.com’s Faith, Beliefs, and Spirituality blog for a decade, authored three books, and contributed stories published in gift books and David C Cook’s Power for Living. Her latest book Faith’s Mystery is available on Amazon.

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