Josh Farr


Josh Farr is a passionate and gifted Christian singer-songwriter with a musical background in both guitar and piano. Extremely dedicated to his calling in Christian music,  Farr released his first EP in 2019 while working with renowned producer Jason Hoard. Hoard had the opportunity to record and work with Third Day, Crowder, and many other Contemporary Christian artists. Josh Farr continues to grow in his endeavors, finding new and creative ways to share his music and the message of Christ, in personal appearances, on radio, television and online.

A proud husband and father, Josh enjoys working in the field of public education, impacting the next generation of young minds in the classroom. In his spare time, Farr continues to look for ways to improve on his music and songwriting. With drive and determination, he works hard to get his music into the marketplace. He believes in God’s perfect-timing, and constantly looks for ways to make his music accessible to his friends and supporters. Josh is also diligent to work on his craft as an independent artist, seizing his opportunities to get his songs into the right hands of the right people at the right time for the right reasons.

Using his gifts and talents, Josh travels regularly to local churches and communities with the desire to spread the Gospel. With laser focus, Josh Farr lives daily by the creed that we are all in need of something greater than ourselves. And Josh is dedicated to using his plethora of gifts and talents to bring the great message of hope to his world.  Currently, Josh is working on new music, with the goal of releasing new singles on a regular basis. Make sure to check out his music in the links below, and get ready for new music COMING SOON.

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Most Of Me

Josh Farr's "Most Of Me" is featured on Babbie Mason Radio's The SHOUT Project.

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